LENT: day 16: Jesus says NO to FRENZY

Matthew 27:20. Meanwhile, the chief priest and the religious leaders were inciting the crowd to ask for Barabbas to be freed and to have Jesus killed. So Pilate asked them again, ” Which of the two men would you like me to release for you?” The shouted, “Barabbas.” Pialte asked them, ” Then what would you have me to do with Jesus who is called the Anointed One?” They all shouted back ” Crucify him!” “Why?” Pilate asked. ” What has he done wrong?” But the kept shouting out, ” Crucify him!”

It made absolutely no sense. The crowd was out of control and Pilate knew it. He had just offered two prisoners to the people – leaving  their freedom in the hand of a popular vote. One would go free. The other would die by crucifixion.  An election that gave no opportunity for defense or rebuttal .

One prisoner a murderer The other innocent of ALL wrong doing. Not one black mark on his record. It seemed like a no brainer- why in the world would you want a proven killer set free? Why would you end the life of a man who had done so much good for the world?  

Crazy things happen when a world falls into frenzy. Poor choices are made when group think grows to epic proportions and the fuel for the decisions are found in FEAR.  It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.

I have found myself fighting feelings of frustration today as I watch a world gone mad over a virus like others we have experienced in history. I turned the news off weeks ago as I found the dramatic music and even more dramatic news anchors reporting stories of the growing virus were  causing anxiousness and fear in my mind over something I literally have zero control. 

Last night I learned my company had cancelled one of our biggest sales force conferences of the year. My team is angry and frustrated. Today I read news of March Sadness- no fans except a few staff and family – at the annual NCAA basketball tournament. Fear. Fear. Fear. 

I have spent much time today wondering what would Jesus do… if he were here On earth today?.  Do we have any account from his earthly life that is similar to our current state of affairs?

Frenzy? Decisions based on fear? People missing facts and jumping on the loudest bandwagon? 

Yes. Jesus can relate. And we can follow his lead. We can look to Jesus in the middle of frenzy. When the crowd was wild and lies were surrounding him as Pilate put him up against Barabbas-He did one thing. He kept his eyes on His father and his goal. He didn’t worry. He didn’t lash out. He didn’t defend. He trusted his all Powerful. All capable. All knowing Father.  

As I move through however long this frenzied season lasts ( until the next one comes along)- Yes- I’ll wash my hands. Yes – I’ll drink lots of water and get good sleep, yes I’ll pay attention to how I feel. But I WILL NOT allow fear to dictate my choices. I just won’t.  

 If you are noticing a change in your behavior- less patient with your family, struggling to sleep, inability to focus…. you may need to shift your gaze. If you just can’t turn off the news I challenge you to spend equal if not more time reminding yourself of the promises of your Savior.  He is


Creator of the world

All powerful

All knowing 








Rock and Fortress

Look to Him. Follow Jesus lead. Step out of the frenzy and into his powerful arms. He is more the capable to hold you. 

Loving you where you are and pointing you forward to where he is,


3 thoughts on “LENT: day 16: Jesus says NO to FRENZY

  1. AMEN!!! Thank you Beth💙💙 Crazy things are happening over this frenzy…and for sure the fuel for the decisions are founded in fear. It was such a blessing to be in a Director meeting yesterday in Indy with Paula Kirkpatrick leading and a room full of women who are trusting Jesus and standing on the Promises of Jesus🙏💙 Love you!!!

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  2. Thanks, Beth, for today’s message. Your sage advice has re-directed my focus to our comforting Lord and Savior. I needed the reminder this morning!

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