LENT: day 15: Jesus says YES to walks

When I type “Jesus Walks” into my search box in my bible gateway app- there are over 50 references to this phrase. It’s not too shocking since Jesus time on earth came before any type of motorized transportation. If he wanted to spread his message it was going to happen as a result of moving his feet and opening his mouth. When you read through the gospels you not only see references to Jesus walking but you also see him talking and teaching his disciples he had called to train to eventually share the gospel after his death and resurrection. He made the most of those miles long journeys. He taught some challenging lessons- some that are taught best shoulder to shoulder. I think the ‘walk and teach’ method also created a safe space for question asking when the disciples didn’t quite understand the meaning behind Jesus words.

A walking path in my parents neighborhood

Part of our family has enjoyed a short trip to Texas for our spring break this week. It’s a fabulous time to be in the south. Spring has sprung. Flowers are blooming and everything is green. The weather is warm but not overwhelmingly hot – which makes it a perfect time…

to walk.

Our only child ( young adult actually ) with us this week is Jonah – our 20 year old sophomore in college. As much as we would have loved all of our family to be together we recognize that group getaways are going to be few and far between. We are staying with my parents who keep asking ,

“What do you want to do?” to which we say…


Play games.

Walk. side by side. Talk. Slow down. catch up. Listen and learn from each other.

Ask questions. Point out flowers and wildlife.


My soul is refreshed by both the weather and the slowed pace and the walking. I have enjoyed some one on one time with our son – who hasn’t spent much time at home since he started college two years ago. I’ve discovered new dreams for his life, updates on friends, thoughts about classes and hobbies and his insights have both encouraged and inspired me.

These come up every spring in my moms flower garden – My Favs!

As we continue our Journey through Lent – I encourage you to find some time to slow, to walk. To leave your phone at home. To find a friend or a spouse or child to join you. Ask some questions. Notice your surroundings. Welcome Jesus into your space and let him lead you on. Pray for a willing, open heart to a message he may want to share… and has been waiting for you to slow long enough so you can listen and hear. Just like he taught his disciples on their walks centuries ago… he most certainly is ready to teach you too.

The path is waiting…

Loving you where you are and pointing your forward to where He is,


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