30 minutes

I set my timer for 30 minutes.

30 minutes of writing.

30 minutes of diving into something I promised I would do 2 times a week and now its been almost a month.

30 minutes feels like a lot.

30 minutes is a lot.

When you don’t know what to say.

Yesterday I had an important 30 minute conversation with my 21 year old.

Today I took a 30 minute nap.

after I walked my dog…

for 30 minutes.

I schedule 30 minute coaching calls with the consultants I lead. This set time encourages a focused and productive conversation – no rabbit trails.

My daughter just left to begin unpacking her college boxes…. for 30 minutes.

I’d like to be able to complete a 5K in 30 minutes – I am currently at about 35 ish.

It takes me 30 minutes to get to the closest Target and Starbucks.

Our weekly family zoom calls last about 2- 30 minute time slots.

When we drive to Utah in a couple of weeks it will take about 40 – 30 minute time slots.

When I am the teaching leader for my bible study I usually use all of my allotted 30 minutes.

My weather app is telling me the rain storm that just dropped from the sky will last about 30 minutes.

Last Friday when Tom and I went out to dinner – we waited for 30 minutes to be seated.

My prep time each morning is about 30 minutes.

My favorite podcast drops each Tuesday and Friday – 30 minutes each.

This morning I made waffles and start to finish – probably took about 30 minutes.

I scrolled on facebook for 30 minutes today – avoiding writing this blog – because I could not imagine that I would have 30 minutes of anything to say.

It turns out – social media is not the place to go for inspiration.

Yesterday a professional golfer – on the cusp of winning a tournament and over 1.5 million dollars – tested positive for COVID. The news was shared with him in the most public of settings as he exited the 18th green at the completion of his round. You can bet the next 30 minutes of his life when he withdrew from the tournament and was escorted off of the grounds were some of the most disappointing of his life as a golfer.

During this 30 minute writing session I have paused once to finish off a bag of stale Cheetos and picked up my phone 3 times to be reminded by my phone timer that I am supposed to be writing for…..

30 minutes.

With each stroke of my keypad my fingers appear to be remembering and my heart, mind and creative juices are flowing. I am experiencing the beginnings of the escape that happens when I turn off the rest of the world and free the words hidden in the inner places they have been waiting to flee – while I pushed them back since the last time I set my timer for…

30 minutes.

What have you NOT done lately?

There are a gazillion things we have been told are wrong, bad, dangerous…. things that once took up our minutes and returned to us joy, peace, laughter, happiness.

Church gatherings




Business retreats

Summer Camp

Backyard BBQ’s

Meeting friends for coffee in a public coffee shop

Greeting each other in the grocery store with our smiles…

So many things.

As I look at a month filled with travel both for personal and professional reasons I realize I feel a bit out of practice. Events that in the past have stoked feelings of anticipation and excitement have currently been replaced by bit of awkward social anxiety. I certainly can’t be alone as we join together as a nation and world to get back to normal.

I’ve decided over the last 30 minutes of writing that I’m going to give myself some grace.

I think Ill take my re-entry in small chunks… setting my timer, dipping my toe in …..

30 minutes at a time.