LENT: day 17: Pause in the morning…

It made me do a double take.  The scene outside the window to my backyard. The view of some of the most magnificent sunrises in the world. Today it was the contrast between the brightness of the sun and the darkness of the early morning sky. The drama caused my head to snap back and the shifting beauty kept me coming back over the next 30 minutes.  This drama between light and dark immediately reminded me of the power of Jesus when he enters our darkness. It’s bold. It’s unapologetic. It’s clear. It impacts everything around it- making it more beautiful just by standing in its presence. The light of Jesus – you can’t feel the warmth without being changed. 

Enjoy my photo journal of the beautiful start to my day.

  Make it a point to look up to the east over the next days of Lent. In a world that feels like it’s changing by the minute  let the power, beauty and glory of the sunrise remind you of our great Creator that loves his creation – always. No matter what the day holds-he is with us.

Loving you where you are and pointing your forward to where He is. 


2 thoughts on “LENT: day 17: Pause in the morning…

  1. Thank you Beth….BEAUTIFUL!!! God is so good and he is with us! This was the sunset on March 5th, which was the day my sweet neice went to be with Jesus 8 years ago.

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