Arms feeling a little lighter today? Mind, Soul, Emotions feeling the freedom that comes when you drop some junk? If not – go back a read yesterdays post – “Leave it.” You may, like me, need to be reminded of the Day 10 message throughout this year. It’s hard to leave toxic habits and thought processes behind – but its so worth it. Why? Because today, today we get to do some shopping – and we need hands wide open – possibly lifted up, eager to receive.

I’ve read quite a few articles and listened to numerous podcasts where the speaker encourages people to look at the gifts of 2020. What new skills did we learn as a result of needing to pivot in our businesses? What were we able to do as families because of the increased time we all had together? What new hobbies did we acquire – can you say sourdough? It is a healthy practice and one that can remind us of the power of growth that only happens in hard times. We have much we can take with us into the New Year. I believe if you look hard enough you will notice a full shopping cart overflowing with blessings. Today I want you to imagine though that you can only take one new gift into 2021. You try to click the purchase button and an error message pops up on your screen – ” Too many items – please remove.”

I love how 2020 evened the playing field. Not one person, in any field of business, medicine, education, government knew what to do. Not one. Me included. For those of us in leadership positions we were scrambling to know what to tell our people. I personally am responsible for coaching 150 entrepreneurs around the country. I felt overwhelmed with the task of guiding this crew through these muddy waters. It became very clear, very quickly that I was going to need to prove what I’ve said I believe all along “Seek God first, trust his wisdom, he will never leave me or forsake me.” I had to answer the question – What do I really BELIEVE about God and his ability to give me what I need – NOW? I didn’t need assurance of my eternal salvation – I needed a God of Moses in the Desert – leading with a cloud by day and fire by night. I needed a God that would give me daily direction on very specific questions relating to my business and those I’ve been called to lead. When I looked to my right and to my left I saw confusion – the only place to look – the only place I found real peace and answers was UP. The gift, the greatest, given to me, proven to me daily – was the gift of BELIEF. Not in me, or my peers, or any earthy leader. 2020 reminded me of the power of Believing God. Not IN God – but believing HIM.

Believing God.

Believing He is who he says he is.

Believing He can do what he says he can do.

Believing I am who he says I am.

Each day I woke up waving a white flag of surrender as I was faced with new rules, changes, questions. My belief that I could plan and goal set through the pandemic was washed away. My belief that I could google search my way to the answers I needed – nope. My shopping cart of solutions – empty- except one,

Belief. Specifically,

Believe God.

What if we woke each day of 2021 with the words “I believe you God” on our hearts and lips.

What if in the middle of the cancer battle we professed, “I believe you God”

What if at the end of an exhausting day of homeschooling, while working and running a house hold we cried, “I believe you God.”

What if in the labor and delivery room, the wedding celebration, the graduations, the job promotions we shouted “I believe you God.”

What if …. fill in the blank of the joys and challenges of your life… you chose to Believe God.

The truth is … it’s the most important work you’ll do and the one thing God asks of us

“The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” John 6:29

I’m standing in the checkout lane of 2020, cart filled with the one most important item the greatest gift, belief. Don’t worry though, there is plenty left. Go check your 2020 – look for the places God showed up in very real and practical ways. Look for the times he proved you could believe Him. Ask him to show you. Write them down, create your own belief track record. He offers the gift of faith to all that ask and believe and to this I say “I’ll Take it”

and for this I Rejoice.

Believing God as I step onto the path marked “2021”

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