CHRISTMASTIDE Day 8: A New Thing – Part 2

It sounds like the wind is going to knock right through our walls. The rain/ice/snow mix is pelting so hard against our window panes its causing out little dog to actually lift his head from his cozy slumber on the soft blanket next to me on the couch. It takes a lot to get this little guy to shift his comfort. 2021 is coming in like a Lion – indeed. Its perfect weather to snuggle in, grab a cup of your favorite drink and make a few lists.

Yesterday I shared the words from Isaiah 43:16,18-19 along with some instruction – make two lists.

The ” What God has done and will do list.”

The “My responsibility list.”

My thought was to find your answers from the multiple translations I wrote out for you in the blog. Today I want to share what I found and offer one more piece of homework as you head into this new year.


Builds Road through the ocean, build paths through pounding waves, doing something new, Build a road in the desert, rivers in the badlands, doing that new thing NOW, making a way in the wilderness, making streams in the wasteland, a road through strong currents, Opened a way through the waters and making a path right through the sea, and my favorite… I will make a road through the wilderness of the world for my people to GO HOME.


Forget the past – don’t remember or ponder what happened in earlier times

Be Alert

Be Present

Listen carefully

My questions for you and for me today –

What wilderness are you choosing to go through alone? What ocean waves are you attempting to plow through with only YOUR strength, wisdom and attempt at peace? How much time have you spent questioning your past so that you miss God’s promises and plans for your present and future? What promises have you seen God abundantly display in both the big and little challenges of your life?

Before we charge anywhere in 2021 we may want to assess our lists and clarify our lanes. Before you set your goals and create that vision board check your posture – is it one of alertness, presence and openness to God’s word and wisdom for your life? He is ready and eager to answer, to guide, to provide for every single question we have. Let’s make 2021 the year where we remind ourselves of the work that God is so capable of doing – the heavy lifting, the way making, the promise keeping. Let’s make 2021 the year where our first to do is to sit at his feet seeking the gifts he is so eager to give……

let’s do this together…..

and let’s Rejoice.

Welcome 2021

One thought on “CHRISTMASTIDE Day 8: A New Thing – Part 2

  1. Beth, Thank you for sharing your words and the 2 lists… ~”my responsibility” ~”what God has done and will do” Such a great message my friend!

    Much Love & blessings in 2021!! Cath

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