I get it. At least I think I do. I believe I understand the feeling behind the shift in melody, style and rhythm on Day 5. You know, Day 5, of the song the 12 days of Christmas. I know the tune has popped in your head before you read the next sentence. If it hasn’t… here it is.

Fiiive…. GOOOOOOLDEN… RIIIIIINNNGS!!! Deep, audible breath.

and then the song continues.

The writer committed to penning this tune, gets a good start and then by day 5 he thinks – ” what have I gotten myself into – 12 days of lyrics?” What began as a fun way to walk through this season of christmastide now feels a bit of a burden. Thus the long drawn out phrase and deep breath. Friends- thats me today.

We have enjoyed a whirlwind of activity in our family over the last two days. It has been nothing short of wonderful. This morning as I drink my coffee and ponder the words of what to share, all I could think of was…… Pause, deep, audible, cleansing breath. And I knew that was exactly the gift I would rejoice in today. The ability……

to choose….

to stop.

Yesterday in the midst of a kitchen full of family, my great nephew began to show signs of fatigue. He is a little over a year, so you can imagine what that looks like. His wise mother asked if she could lay him down on our bed for a quick nap before they headed to the airport. The little guy needed a pause and it would serve their entire family well if he got one. It was only a matter of moments that he settled in and his mom snapped this picture. It speaks volumes of the power of the pause. The contentment, the relief, the total peace in his face says “this was a really good idea.”

Do you need a pause today, permission to take some moments to reflect, recharge…… sleep? What will that look like? Will it be a stop of the scroll, the pause in the list making and resolution forming? Will it be a decision to take all the questions swirling in your mind and lay them at the feet of our Savior who has asked us to cast all of our anxiety on him?

You have my full support to enjoy your pause. I know I will …

and for this I will rejoice.

The Henry Pause

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