EASTER: sweet sunday indeed!

47 days. It’s been 47 days since Ash Wednesday. We’re here. The day we’ve all anticipated ….being celebrated in a way none of us could have imagined. Not in our wildest dreams. Every conversation I have with friends and family revolve around the absolute awe at our present day circumstances. As much as we try to wrap our heads and hearts around todays current events we just cant seem to get a grip.

Oh… but God can. Our all powerful, all knowing, loving God who sent his one and only Son to die the death he did not deserve so we could have a life we don’t deserve…… He can and he does. So like the rest of the Sundays of Lent… I leave you today with the questions that you can bring straight to YOUR Father. YOUR redeemer. YOUR hope. YOUR life. YOUR everything. He wants to SPEAK TO YOU – he really does. May you experience his presence in YOUR LIFE, in a way you are clear that HE is real and HE is for you not against you. Yes –

CHRIST is REAL, He is RISEN, He is here…. INDEED!!!

God… what have you taught me during this Lenten season?

God… what am I still gripping that you want me to let go of?

God… where do you need me to trust you more?

God… what have you promised to forgive that I havn’t forgiven myself?

God… who can I share your love with today?

loving you where you are. pointing you forward to where He is.


Hope… indeed!

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