LENT: day 33: sweet sunday

33 days into Lent.

Yesterday I took time to document my life – every detail for the last 18 days. My mind was blown as I reflected on the massive change of all of our lives in such a very short period of time. I needed to see it in black and white. It gave evidence to both my weariness of body and my hunger of soul for Jesus. Pause on this sweet sunday and look back. Grab a pen- write it down. It is times like this where we see God do his mighty work in mighty ways that will serve as encouragement for us down the road. Blessings.

What have you learned?

What have you let go of?

What have your gripped tighter?

How is Jesus more real to you today?

Where do you need him to be more real tomorrow?

May Jesus be your light, your wisdom, your guide. May he be the power behind your every YES and your every NO. May you trust him in your everything.


2 thoughts on “LENT: day 33: sweet sunday

  1. Thank you Beth! I so enjoy this bright spot in my day-taking time to stop and apply my Biblical readings and trust to my life today! I appreciate your time in doing this EVERY day-! It helps me stay focused on God and how He has planted seeds in me that need to be fully nurtured to be all He intended! Happy Sunday!!!

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