LENT:day 24: Jesus says COME

Matthew 11:28-30

Come to me and I will give you rest- all of you who work hard beneath a heavy yoke. Wear my yoke- for it fits perfectly – and let me teach you; for I am gentle and humble, and you shall find rest for your souls; for I give you only light burdens.

It happened again this morning. I woke up. Looked at my watch. Remembered what day it was. Then I immediately ran through my mental calendar and asked the question “Do we have anything tonight?” As a parent of an active high schooler, business owner and volunteer at church and school – the answer is usually “Yes”. I love all the activity yet on the days when I can answer NO I feel a sense of “ahhhh…. Home.” So this morning…. like the rest of the mornings of this last week… I silently asked myself the question…”Do we have anything tonight?” and , like you, the answer was NO. And I’m just not used to it yet.

I touched base with some members of my business team yesterday. Based on their answers to ” How are you doing?”, I think many of us are feeling the challenge of working through and into our new normal. Our eerily open calendars, our frequent thoughts of toilet paper and when is the predicted run out for our home and how the heck are we going to find more. Our workload, that for many, has increased in this season of running businesses, classrooms, families in a new format. Friday of the first week of this craziness and I’m sensing in myself and others … some weariness.

As we wrap up week one. and head into a weekend ( which will honestly feel a lot like the week!)… I am reminding my self of Jesus words, “Come to me…and I will give you rest.” These words help me release the tension in my shoulders and breath out a long exhale. This race, it appears, will be a marathon and not a sprint. Jesus is calling…

Come to me….

Come to me….

Come to me…..

Come to me…..

Every minute of all our days, all our questions, all our worries, all the news updates,




He promises REST.

Go to Him… I’ll meet you there.

Loving you where you are and pointing you forward to where He is,


Eddie.. my ghostwriter..not a care in the world.

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