LENT: day 20: Jesus says NO to Isolation

Matthew 8:1-3

When Jesus came down from the mountainside, large crowds followed him. A man with leprosy came and knelt before him and said , “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.” Jesus reached out his hand and TOUCHED the man. “I Am Willing.” He said. “ Be Clean!” Immediately he  was cured of his leprosy. 

Schools closed. Tournaments cancelled. Music competitions delayed. Work from home. Online classes. Isolate. Isolate. Isolate. It’s the theme of our times…. but Jesus won’t follow those rules. He never has and he never will. 

Jesus has been pushing the envelope from the moment he burst forth onto the earthly scene as a little baby born among cattle. What kind of king lays among hay in the middle of cow dung?

Jesus began teaching in the temple at age 12 and by his early 30’s he had created a following that not only moved the lowly but infuriated the political and religious rulers of the day. 

Jesus also dared to do something else no one in his time was doing…. he spent time with and TOUCHED.…. the sick.  Went right up to them, placed his hands on them and healed them.

People that were social outcasts.

Quarantined from life to prevent the spreading of disease and Often living in shame and sadness- the result of a life of isolation. 

Jesus meets them right where they are with no fear and the healing begins.

There is the potential for all of us to quickly succumb to the fear that can enter when we isolate ourselves from the world.  Today and the days following you need to know that Jesus has not left the building, or your home or your heart. He is walking with each and everyone of us. He is and will guide us into all truth. He will show us his power, peace and provision like you may have never experienced before.  I have learned from past seasons of isolation due to family sickness, job loss, moves across the country that the one thing, the only thing I can count on has stayed…

Jesushe shows up.

 In his word… 

The actions of loving people in communities….

In music….

In his creation.  And so many other, often unexpected places.

Jesus – breaking all the rules to ensure he will always be right where you are. Reach out- grip his hand. He’s not going anywhere.

Loving you where you are and pointing you forward to where He is,


Our family loves to use technology to connect weekly. You may want to consider adding FACETIME with others during this season. We use Facebook messenger. Lots of resources available.

2 thoughts on “LENT: day 20: Jesus says NO to Isolation

  1. Such reassuring words to calm my mind and hug my heart! With my nearly absent immune system due to Lyme, I was allowing my fear to overtake my faith. Thank you for reminding me that faith in Jesus does overpower fear. God bless you and yours in these uncertain times of social isolation.


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