LENT: day 13: Jesus says NO to stuff

Mark 1:16 As Jesus walked beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. “Come,follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” At once they left their nets and followed him. 

When we made the unexpected move from Michigan to Missouri we had some decisions to make . (Duh) The job loss was revealed in May, new job offer June, move July. It makes me tired just writing those words. In that short window of time we had to prep a home for selling and pack 17 years worth of living . 17 years of having babies, raising children, building a business…. NOT staying on top of organization and cleaning. My goal was to keep 3 important people alive:)

When we were faced with the reality of a move we made some important decisions-one being- choosing people over stuff. 

The beauty of increased challenges in life is that it narrows my focus. I stop worrying about what people think. I detach from things that will ultimately never bring me true peace. I surrender responsibilities that can easily be done by someone else but I have held on to because of a feeling of obligation or my need to feel wanted and in control. I leave behind the old. To move boldly into the new. The new home. The new circumstance requiring my attention. The new behavior. 

A day full of people:) The best

One of my favorite memories of the time was the decision to host an open house – complete with a  back yard fire at the end of the day. We invited anyone that wanted to stop by for a little or long time. I made home made chicken salad, I wore old shorts and a dirty t shirt- hair covered in a ball cap and connected with people- all day long. A day that some may have suggested we use for packing. 

As I sit in our new home now almost 4 years later- I thank God he freed me from so much and pointed me to the best way to use my time. I can’t even remember The things that didn’t get packed because we ran out of time. We left what felt like a house full of stuff at the curb for people to scavenge or the garbage man to haul away. It was freeing.

We love our Sweet Sandia Street home

As I move through this season of Lent – our family is faced with some new, challenging responsibilities. In order to navigate this season I am going to have to leave some things behind. Responsibilities on my calendar and belief systems in my brain.  Just like those early disciples following Jesus call to follow, I will need to “at once, leave and follow him.”

As daunting as these new tasks feel right now… I am actually experiencing the relief that comes with a clear focus that leaves me unapologetic and confident regarding the decisions of who and what I will leave behind.

It brings me peace to know that Jesus promises that he is the creator of all things new. He is the healer, the guide, the restorer. May you have clarity to know what to leave  and who’s hand to hold as you step into the future. 

The old things are gone- a new life has come!!

PRAYER: Jesus loosen my hold on what is keeping me from moving forward with you. Help me trust that the grip of your hand is all I need. 

Loving you where you are and pointing you forward to where He is. 


The day of our Michigan Open house – loved our season in Michigan – Thankful that God knew when it was time to go.

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