LENT:day 8: Jesus says NO to distractions

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp for my steps; it lights the path before me. I have taken an oath and confirmed it: I pledge to do what YOU say is right and just.

My son has epilepsy. We are so thankful that his seizures have been kept at bay by way of the perfect dose of Kepra for his body.  To make sure this dosage remains accurate he annually visits a neurologist for a series of tests. As I sit in the exam room and observe the simple actions the Doctor asks Jonah to perform I marvel at all the data he can gather regarding Jonah’s neurological health. 

One test the Doctor administers is to hold up a small pen light and have Jonah focus on the light beam. Then he asks Jonah to use his eyes to follow the light as he moves it from right to left. Jonah’s gaze is constant. If the Doc asked him to follow with footsteps in the direction of the light I believe he would follow exactly in the line that it is pointing. He would trust him completely not wavering from to the right or to the left. Jonah wants to pass the test. He doesn’t get distracted by sounds in the hallway or his moms occasional questions. Because we trust the brilliance of the neurologist we trust that the test he is administering will give the results he wants. We trust that what he sees in Jonah will lead to the best future treatment plan to continue to quiet his epileptic seizures. 

Oh how Jesus is using this picture to remind me of the power of focus on HIM.  Like our brilliant neurologist- I can trust the ultimate wisdom of my Savior. I can live knowing that if my gaze is unwavering in the direction of my guide, power and comfort giver I can walk the path he’s leading me with confidence and without fear. If I listen to his voice alone- pushing back the distractions around me I can live in clarity and peace.

oh but isn’t it so darn hard?

I recognize that…

1. the battle for my time and attention is real….


2. Jesus promises he will ‘be a light for my feet and a lamp for all my paths’….

so I can pause in my distraction and call out to the one who listens and answers.

Today I found him answer through the wisdom of a brilliant scientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf, who studies the brain and all the power it holds. She is also a Christian. She posted 3 questions that we can ask ourselves each day. Even though I know Jesus wants to give us all we need… sometimes I’m just not even sure what to ask or where to start. Here are her recommendations:

  1. What energizes you?
  2. What are you grateful for?
  3. What is not working and why?

I found these questions to help me pause in the midst of my chaos. I want Jesus to give me direction in my day and these 3 simple asks helped refocus my heart and mind on – what is most important and how I can contribute ( what energizes me) , what he’s already gifted me with ( what am I grateful for) and what specifically is taking my gaze off of what he would have me to do. (what isn’t working and why). As you walk through your day seeking the eyes of Jesus – maybe these questions will help you too.

Look up friend – Jesus is waiting – light shining – ready for you to follow. It’s time to go.

Loving you where you are and pointing forward to where He is,


My kitchen chalkboard – I’m keeping these in front of me!

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